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Real Estate

Real Estate is a crucial asset class for personal and commercial purposes, requiring confidence in investment decisions. Whether you're buying a property to occupy or rent or selling Real Estate to transfer ownership and make a profit, it is said that 80 percent of your achievements come from 20 percent of the effort you put in.

High Five

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. What about applying this perspective to this group of five?

Your Faith, Your Banker, Your Lawyer, Your Accountant, Your Realtor?
Whom you have working for you matters.

Discover Your Real Estate Potential

Discovering your Real Estate potential can be an exciting and empowering journey. It involves recognizing your unique needs, preferences, and goals when buying or selling a property by exploring your options, understanding market trends, and assessing your financial capacity. Have vision. Start where you are, and take small, simple steps.

Open New Doors

What you are seeking is also seeking you. Whenever you want to buy a home or property of any kind, there is always someone who wants an offer. By staying focused on a plan and your budget you free your mind of all sense of competition and anxiety in buying and selling and new doors will open.


The metaphor "sowing and reaping" can apply to real estate investment, like farming. To reap a bountiful harvest, investors must sow the right seeds by investing time, money, and resources. By carefully tending to their investments, investors can expect to yield positive returns, whether long or short-term. This principle can be visualized as planting seeds of investment, nurturing them with care, and harvesting the financial benefits.



Are you looking to lease a property? Allow me to understand your preferences and budget. Create your package, discuss ways to stand out among the competition and start the hunt!

If you are a Landlord looking to list, let me make the process easier by laying the foundation, vetting your prospects, and setting you up for success. 


As a former Financial Advisor, a person who’s made mistakes, and a successful investor, I am qualified to help you through your buying process holistically—to understand your needs, paperwork and negotiations. Ensuring a smooth process as your success is how I achieve success. 


Selling your home is exciting! Ready to upgrade or downsize? Or perhaps it’s due to unforeseen circumstances? What are your goals and vision for this new transition? Allow me to exceed your expectations for a smooth and stress-free experience and find the right Buyer. 

Hi, I'm Davenie! 👋🏽

Searching for a seasoned professional with a wealth of finance and real estate knowledge? I am an experienced Ontario real estate agent professional committed to delivering exceptional results with a personalized touch. With a genuine passion for helping clients make informed decisions, set up a call today and allow me to introduce myself— we may be the perfect match! Want to know more about me...


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