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Not in any particular order

  1. Became a homeowner.

  2. Aim to read one book per month (I carry a book and read whenever I have to wait. For example, I’d pick my brother up from work and take my mom to appointments … all my waiting was joyously spent reading. I look forward to waiting.) Note: authors reference authors – look them up and build your collection. You are collecting ideas from a circle of like-minded people.

  3. Keep a notebook handy to record ideas/new things learned + record the books you’ve read/audiobooks.

  4. “What is the most effective use of my time?” – a common question I asked myself whenever I felt I was not progressing. To bring awareness into my daily activities 

  5. Care for your immediate family – maintain and build/grow that relationship. If your sibling(s) look to you for advice or confirmation before you turn down an idea, be supportive before creating obstacles.

  6. Invest in self-growth. The saying goes, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Go outside this circle with books/conversations/podcasts/sermons always with an open mind because every interaction has something to teach you. 

  7. Use your birthday to represent your “New Year,” reflect your yearly accomplishments – and do not compare your wins or failures to anyone else.

  8. Aesthetically -- Take care of your teeth/skin/hair first before investing in clothing or shoes. 

  9. Practice being aware of your breath as often as you can. (I learned this from Eckhart Tolle)

  10. Never indulge in food/drinks with negative thoughts. You will eat your words and food, becoming precisely what you are saying. 

  11. Make a vision board and look at it regularly.

  12. Travel – whenever you can.

  13. Practice self-discipline. (Dandapani has excellent advice on this)

  14. Stay active.

  15. Have an “all is well” mindset– good or bad, ups and down, all is well. Nothing is forever. 

  16. Remember: time is finite. Spend it well.

  17. Know your boundaries; know how you are allowing someone to treat you.

  18. Learn minor homeowner skills like replacing a light fixture or minor plumbing.   

  19. Make mistakes (they’re inevitable) and then learn from them.

  20. Love. Love every day. 

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