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I have recently taken up the study of emotions, as I have been having difficulty dealing with my own. Inspired by the amazing Joyce Mayer, I came across her sermon on emotions, then read her book Living Beyond Your Feelings, which led me to look deeper into myself.

We claim by saying I am having a bad day (24 hours), week (7 days), month (30 days), or year (365 days).

How often are you awake for 24 hours and experience every minute as "bad" to claim you are having a "bad day?" Why does the entire day receive punishment?

Let's say you enjoy an evening out with your partner. It is joyous. On your way home, you get into an argument lasting 10mins. This argument was unnecessary, as the issue at hand bared no significant value to be upset with in the first place. But unfortunately, it did happen. Now what?

How does an awful (bad) moment (10 mins) determine your experience of a great evening out (say 24 hours for simple math)?

A great day of 23.90 hours vs. 10 mins of a bad emotional experience is enough to measure the day as "bad" or "ruined?" Do we choose to let 10 mins take away the joy of the entire day?

(10 mins) ÷ (24 hours) = 0.00694444444

Emotions are fickle.

Refrain from measuring the small moments to give away a good day. You only rob yourself of your good experiences.

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